2nd Ramadan Party in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Alhamdulillah, Hokkaido University Islamic Cultural Club (HUICC) and Hokkaido Islamic Society (HIS) successfully organized the 2nd Ramadan Party, with approximately 300 participants, the majority of whom were academics and students at Hokkaido University.

We are very happy because almost all participants were very enthusiastic in the Ramadan Party, especially during the quiz, question, and answer session, and exhibition.

This year’s exhibition included several laptop devices for listening to the Qur’an with Japanese translation, several videos of Science in the Qur’an (Japanese translation), and several brochures and books about culture in Islam.

Hopefully, we can continue to be active in introducing Islamic culture and bringing joy together with the Japanese environment.

Thank you very much for your participation, and see you at our next event!


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